To achieve healthier and more luminous results Soulstyle Organic Hair use the Italian brand called Colour Herbe – a reputable product range that utilises proteins, botanicals and natural vegetable extracts as well as organic clay lighteners for blondes to lighten pigments without damaging or stripping hair. Being a conscientious hair salon – the concern for our clients health and well being goes beyond the hair products we use, at Soulstyle Organic Hair you will be treated to a range of organic teas, coffee and milk and even the cleaning products used in the salon all proudly boast the use of organic ingredients.


Ladies Cuts

Scalp Massage, Cut & Blow wave (45mins) From $70.00 – $80.00

Dry cut (30 mins) From $50.00

Blow wave (short 30 mins) From $50.00

Blow wave (medium 45 mins) From $70.00

Blow wave (long 60 mins) From $80.00

Mens Cuts

Cut (30 mins) From $40.00

Clipper Cut (15 mins) From $20.00

Kids Cuts

0-10 years (30 mins) From $25.00 – $30.00

11-16 years (30 mins) From $30.00 – $50.00

Extra 15 mins for thick hair or restyle

Organic Treaments

Organic treatment & blow wave (1 hr) From $80.00

Pinpoint scalp massage (15 mins) From $20.00

Organic Colors


Retouch with blow wave (1.5 hrs) From $130.00

Retouch with cut & blow wave (2 hrs) From $170.00

Extra $20-$60 for mid lengths to ends.
Pricing may vary according to thickness & length.


1/4 head with blow wave (1.5 hrs) From $100.00

1/4 head with cut & blow wave (1.75 hrs) From $130.00

1/2 head with blow wave (1.75 hrs) From $140.00

1/2 head with cut & blow wave (2 hrs) From $170.00

3/4 head with blow wave (1.75 hrs) From $180.00

3/4 head with cut & blow wave (2.5 hrs) From $210.00

Full head with blow wave (2 hrs) From $210.00

Full head with cut & blow wave (2.5 hrs) From $250.00

Scattered foils with retouch & blow wave From $160.00

Scattered foils with cut & blow wave From $200.00

Extra 1/2 – 1 hr for extended foils & restyles

Feather Extensions 3 For $20 / 5 for $25

$8 each with a complimentary clip – $2.50 for extra clips

Elite Senior prices – $30.00 Extra

Organic Hair Products Are Naturally Different

SoulStyle customers enjoy many irresistible benefits of organic hair care. EverEscents offers a pure and natural ORGANIC hair care range that is plant based using certified organic ingredients.

EverEscents organic shampoo, conditioner, treatments & styling products are available to purchase in our online store or in the salon.

  • No Ammonia or strong fumes

  • Plant based products with pigments from walnuts, rhubarb and cinchona

  • Long lasting results with minimal fading

  • 100% grey coverage

  • Organic Clay lighteners

  • Excellent fashion colours

  • Less damage and continuous improvement of hairs condition over time



From start to finish DeAnna and Bex were supportive,informative and respectful of my previous experiences. The way that they dealt with my hair so patiently being ever so careful gave me huge confidence. I have tried many products and all have failed and made me scared to try again. I would definitely recommend and am looking forward to returning again.

Sez Peddie
Sez Peddie

have been a customer since last October, after being referred by a colleague. Service is fabulous, cuts are great and products are all so nice on your hair. I also love the peaceful surroundings and looking through the mirror at the mountains.

Goberly Riffraff
Goberly Riffraff

Warmly welcomed with a smile today and got a quick and smart haircut during my lunch break... Very nice experience and they have a coffee and tea menu

Josh Barker
Josh Barker